28 February 2008

Wellington Bloggers Meet-up February 2008 3

Bit of Epic love for and from the Wellington Bloggers at Mighty Mighty.


25 February 2008

Epic at the New Zealand Beer Festival 2008

24 February 2008

Pale ale with epic flavours

Epic Brewing is owned by Luke Nicholas, who was the brewer at Steam Brewing that supplied the Cock and Bull pubs in Auckland. He has been an active member of the New Zealand brewing industry for over a decade.

He set up the brewers' newsletter, sparging, which led to Realbeer. co.nz. He developed the award-winning Monks Habit, which is packed with hops and has been winning awards for many a year. He also created Epic pale ale for Steam Brewing Co.

He liked the beer so much he bought the company. He wants to take the beer to the world. At the moment it is only available at The Beer Emporium in Merivale, but watch for it in the near future in your local good liquor outlet.

Epic Pale Ale has also done well at recent beer awards and I think it is set to become a bit of an iconic New Zealand beer.

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[Knowing Carl Hadler's style of writing I think Epic Pale Ale got off pretty light, and pretty positive. At least he didn't have a cold sore, which he describes vividly in half the article, and then gets his friend to write the review cause he can't taste the beer.]

21 February 2008


Well the first delivery 'hasn't touched the sides'.

Kegs gone to the following:

Twisted Hop - 6 Poplar St, Lichfield Lanes, ChCh
Pomeroys - 292 Kilmore St, ChCh
Zymergy - 90 Armagh St, ChCh
Eureka - 116 Albany St, Dunedin

Bottles to the following:

Deli de Luxe - 6 Papanui Rd, ChCh
Restaurant Schwass - 190 Ferry Rd, ChCh
Zymergy - as above
Twisted Hop - as above
Riverstone Kitchen - 1431 State Highway 1, Oamaru

Plus top up deliveries to Beer Emporium & London St
and shortly on the menu at Cook'n With Gas, 23 Worcester Blvd, ChCh

Link for websites and placement on the Epic Beer Map to follow shortly

Luke Nicholas

04 February 2008

The very best beers of 2008 - by Neil Miller

As is becoming traditional in this column, I have compiled a list of my favorite New Zealand beers of 2007. There is no pretension these are necessarily the "best", they are simply the beers I enjoyed the most last year.

1. Epic Pale Ale – full of flavor with reservoirs of drinkability, my beer of the year.

3. Epic Mayhem – strong, punchy, aromatic, this is hophead heaven

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