31 January 2008


Yes there have been rumblings about the new Epic Lager, so I thought I would put some facts out there to satisfy the thirst for more information.

The new Epic Lager has just finished fermenting, and is now on cooling in the tank.

We are looking at a keg release date of the 23rd February, with it's official unveiling at the New Zealand Beer Festival in Ellerslie, Auckland.

Release in bottles is still dependent on the smooth arrival of all the packaging, which is still to be confirmed. But it won't be too long after the 23rd.

A bit about it - malt used is German Pilsner malt, US grown aroma hops. It has the equivalent of 6 hops per bottle (so not as big as the Pale Ale with 15 hops per bottle) but noticeable and worthy of the name Epic Lager. 5.0% alc/vol

So as you would expect I'm very excited about getting it into the bottle and out to the world.

If you are a Pale Ale drinker it probably won't have the hop hit you are use to, but you will now have a beer to share with your friends that are scared of hops and flavour. You can call it a stepping stone, it is about the middle between "mainstream premium lagers" and Epic Pale Ale.

Luke Nicholas

27 January 2008

Startup Handbook: How to identify and deal with the slow masses, knowledgeable skeptics, and savvy dreamers.

When you start a new company your job as founder is, in large part, to help people understand the vision. To help them explain why the idea you have, which on the face might seem somewhere between impossible and crazy, is--in fact--completely logical and obtainable. If you're like me you've found that different folks respond differently to your idea at different points in the life cycle of your company.

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14 January 2008

[PHOTOS] Blues, Brews & BBQ's 2008

After a huge day in the sun on Thursday at Blues, Brews & BBQ's , Mount Maunganui, I have now uploaded the photos of the day.


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08 January 2008

Get ready for take off. Your plane is full!

The "Epic Journey" plane is now full - in only 24 hours.

"Nice one Captain Luke Nicholas your flight is full and you could soon be taking off in your plane for a day on Saturday 26 January 2008."

Fingers crossed to all those who made it onboard.

07 January 2008

Epic Friends Join The Plane To Wellington

I have created a "Grab A Plane" to go in the draw to win a plane to Wellington, with 40 keen EPIC drinkers. If we win the draw (the odds aren't too bad, better than lotto) we will fly to Wellington on Saturday 26th January to go to the exalted Malthouse in Wellington and sample Epic Pale Ale on Tap, and possibly have a look around at some other EPIC outlets.

Be quick to be one of 40 on the plane, competition ends 9th January

Go to www.grabaseat.co.nz with these details:
Password: mayhem

Or click on this link
Plane web address: https://www.grabaplane.co.nz/Join.aspx?fgfCode=2U5IGVU80

(Note: plane departs from Auckland)

06 January 2008

At Long Last! Could it Be a Kiwi Ale Worth Drinking?

Tired of washing that South Island dust down with a brew that’s just a bit too mal-mal-mal-malty? Despair no more, exalted globetrotting anglers of transplanted invasive apex predator species, for reports from afield rate Epic Ale a hoppy wonder as sure to delaminate the palate as it is to quench that thirst only a gaping hole in the ozone could ever deliver. My own salivary glands are cramping in anticipatory glee.