24 December 2008

Epic Beer 2008 Top 10

2008 was an Epic year for @epicbeer

1. Epic Armageddon IPA & the West Coast IPA Challenge(alot of dry hopping)

2. World Beer Cup, San Diego (Luke was a judge)

3. California Trip - 10 days, 12 Breweries, 317 beers

4. BrewNZ - Epic Pale Ale wins - Best in Class & Gold (more awards)

5. Launched Epic Lager (gateway?)

6. Launched the new 500ml bottle (lower price for a taste of the good stuff)

7. Epic arrives in the South Island (why does it cost so much to get it there?)

8. Voted Best Beer at the Great Christchurch Beer Festival (these people have good taste)

9. Twitter passed the 500 followers mark (get it as it happens)

10. Facebook passed the 500 friends mark (become a friend today)

I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year. Thanks to everyone that supported Epic Beer in 2008, and contributed to spreading the word about good beer. 2009 is sure to be even more EPIC ;-)

Keep drinking the good stuff

Luke Nicholas

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17 December 2008

DISH Magazine - "in pursuit of hoppiness"

In the latest DISH magazine, Issue 21, December 2008 - January 2009 there is a fantastic article about craft beer in New Zealand by John Corbett (pages 40 to 45)

John attended Beervana in September and had his eys opened. There is a review on Beervana the development of craft beer in NZ and a feature on three craft brewers - Steve Nally from Invercargill Brewery, Carl Vasta from Tuatara Brewing and a bit on myself, Luke Nicholas of Epic Brewing Company.

In the first sentence, the third word should be grandfather not godfather, but beyond that most of the information is close enough.

DISH Magazine - Dec 08 - Page 44

DISH Magazine - Dec 08 - Page 45

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15 December 2008

Epic Pale Ale 3rd Birthday [PICS of cake]

Yesterday was the third birthday of Epic Pale Ale. (first bottling of Epic Pale Ale was 14th December 2005)

To celebrate this wonderful occasion Epic Pale Ale was drunk and there was a birthday cake (much to my surprise)

Epic Birthday Cake

Epic Birthday Cake

Epic Birthday Cake - Cap

Epic Birthday Cake & Bottle

Cutting the Epic Birthday Cake

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01 December 2008

Epic Kegs photo appears on Cracked.com

Unlike Britney, Tara Reid knows how to keep her children safe in the car. [winning caption]

See All Captions

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