31 March 2009

[VIDEOS] Coverage from Epic Beer in the UK

Over the last few weeks Epic Beer has produced and had uploaded a significant amount of video. So below is a collection of what has been posted, much of it relating to the recent brewing adventure in the UK when I was there brewing a batch of Epic Pale Ale at the Everards Brewery in Leicester for the JD Wetherspoons International Real Ale Festival.

Say tuned for more of the epic adventure of brewing in the UK. Videos will be first uploaded to the Made From New Zealand YouTube channel and then the EpicBeer channel, so subscribe to both and get notified when there is more to watch.

Epic Beer Adventure Part 6 - Made From New Zealand

Epic Beer Adventure Part 5 - Made From New Zealand

Epic Beer Adventure Part 4 - Made From New Zealand

Epic Beer Adventure Part 3 - Made From New Zealand

Epic Beer Adventure Part 2 - Made From New Zealand

Epic Beer Adventure Part 1 - Made From New Zealand
Hidden as an Easter Egg on the inter-webs somewhere. Can't give away everything for free. You have to earn it. If you can find it you deserve to see it.

Wellington Beerfest - Epic Beer - Luke Nicholas, Interviewed by Haydn Green - Public Address

How To Make Beer - Epic Beer Styles - Made From New Zealand

Epic Beer - Think Small - Made From New Zealand

Luke Nicholas - Friday Show Epic Beer Interview - Made From New Zealand

NZ Beer Fest kicks off in Auckland
This video is stored at the 3news.co.nz website
Featured on Sunrise on Friday 13th March, the day before the New Zealand Beer Festival. Head into the 2 minute mark where they taste Epic Pale Ale and Rod Cheeseman says "I love this one alot, actually its one of my favorite beers" as he is pouring a large serve of Epic Pale Ale

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11 March 2009

[TV3] Campbell Live - Epic Beer's hoppy brew an economic success

Across the board New Zealand companies are performing badly – shedding jobs in the process.

But not all businesses are performing badly, take Epic Beer for example – sales are up and demand is high.

The beer has been being made since 2006 and is definitely a labour of love.

The process for fermenting this malt-based is very labour-intensive but despite this things are going well – 200 percent growth in the last year.

But making beer has got more expensive, the price of hops has skyrocketed as has packaging and transport costs.

The major breweries are putting up their prices and so are Epic – the six pack is out and the four pack is in.

“The six pack was nearly at $20 which is a psychological barrier for a lot of consumers, so we decided we would keep the product affordable but make it a four pack,” says Epic Beer’s Luke Nicholas.

Things have come a long way since 1835 when New Zealand’s first commercial brewery was established – the major players now spend a fortune wooing their target audience.

Mr Nicholas cannot compete with the big-boys financially but is determined to remain independent.

He does not think the major brewers could afford him anyway.

“Probably not because I think any of the big brewers that would look for acquisition, would look at how much it would cost to make Epic and how much I have to spend on hops to get that flavour and go ‘that’s insane’.”

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05 March 2009


F&B Magazine - Feb/Mar 2009
Food & Beverage Magazine, March 2009

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Hot News - Epic Pale Ale - Kia Ora, Air New Zealand in flight magazine

02 March 2009

Mayhem by Geoff Griggs

Those who think otherwise would be well advised to try a bottle of a Kiwi beer with real flavour, like Epic Mayhem. The latest seasonal release from Auckland brewer Luke Nicholas is a hugely hopped, 6.2 per cent, American-style, IPA (India Pale Ale). Southern Man's favourite brew contains around one hop per bottle; Nicholas estimates there are around 26 in each 500ml bottle of Mayhem! You get the idea?

Mayhem is similar to the brewery's multi award-winning Epic Pale Ale but with the volume turned up! Bursting with US Cascade and New Zealand Riwaka hops, there's a heady aroma of tropical fruit, citrus and pine-like notes over a sweetish, biscuity malty background. The grist, which includes British pale ale, and Munich and crystal malts, provides a luscious rich malt base that balances the beer's challenging bitterness.

With a single 500ml bottle of Mayhem costing about the same as a six-pack of Speight's, aspirant Southern Men are unlikely to be impressed, but those seeking flavour rather than just refreshment from their beer should definitely check it out.

But be warned, Mayhem as the name suggests is definitely NOT for wusses!

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