22 June 2008

[PHOTOS] West Coast (USA) IPA Challenge - Epic vs Hallertau

Here is a photo diary of the West Coast(USA)IPA Challenge - Epic vs Hallertau.

A quick outline: two brewers make similar beers brewed in the American IPA style, 7% alc/vol, target. One uses New Zealand malt and hops, the other uses imported malt and hops. The outcome? We'll see on the 17th July at the launch at the Malthouse.

There will be a detailed blog post coming shortly outlining what we are doing and why.


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19 June 2008

Epic Pale Ale - Cuisine Magazine, June 2008

Cuisine Magazine - "We Fancy Epic Pale Ale and Epic Lager" (Page 38)


Too Many Hops = Delivery Failure

Your email failed to be delivered because of too many hops. 27 hops!!, sorry 25 max.


18 June 2008

Epic Lager review from Ratebeer.com

An online review of Epic Lager from the website RateBeer.com

yalnikim (616), Wellington, New Zealand

May 4, 2008
Tasted 04/05/2008. 330ml bottle from New World, Thorndon. Pours a bright yellow gold with a thinning creamy white head. Delightfully fresh, zingy herbal hop aroma has a hint of floral note. A little cornflour malt character on the nose too. Very clean. Superbly fresh! A little sweet aroma of biscuit dough malt at the bottom of the glass. The first few sips are bursting with that herbal hop flavour. Very clean malt character supporting. Medium bitterness. Stops short. Spot on carbonation and weight. Pretty good recipe, great execution (wouldn’t expect less from Epic). In then end, like an amped up Stella (a beer I do like), it feels like it needs a little less hop flavour and/or a more assertive bitterness.